Cherwell Clear Conference Europe 2021 Recordings available on-demand...

02 Mar 2021

Cherwell has just finished its customer conference in Europe.

This conference was called Clear 2021 and the audience was Cherwell customers and partners from Europe. 

There was some great content presented at this virtual conference and information and content that we didn't want our New Zealand and Australian customers to miss out on.

Click on the Conference Recordings button below and you'll be taken to the Clear 2021 conference homepage where you can watch / listen to the session recordings. When you click on the content you want, you will be asked to register. Please then register; Once registered, you'll be returned to the conference content. Now that you're registered click on the content you want and re-enter your email address (that you just used to register) and the recorded content should start playing.

There are a few specific sessions I would like to draw to your attention:

  • Cherwell’s Product Vision and Roadmap
  • Cherwell Version 10.2 Release Overview
  • IOps and Dependency - An Overview of Cherwell AIOps and Cherwell Discovery & Dependency Mapping (DDM)
  • Make Work Flow with Microsoft
  • DevOps and value stream management

Please enjoy this valuable content from last week's conference.

This content will only be available for a couple of weeks so please don't miss out on viewing the recordings of interest to you and your organisation.

Conference Recordings