How many times have you heard people complaining that your service desk is too slow to answer or takes too long to fix their problem? Although users love it when the service desk is helpful, they equally love to complain when it's not. The truth is, whether we’re internal or external customers, we all have high expectations of the IT service desk and without a continual improvement plan set in place, it won’t take long for the pressure of those expectations to cause more harm than good.

What is continuous improvement?

Continuous improvement is an ongoing effort to improve all elements of an organisation - in this instance, we're looking specifically at the IT service desk. Sometimes these improvements are big, such as an entire ITSM tooling overhaul. But, often they are small, such as increasing ticket resolution times. What’s most important is that they're incremental and that they’re frequent.

Companies that excel at continuous improvement are ones that are always innovating how they do and what they do. They also engage their employees to share their knowledge and help to generate new ideas - often leading to an enhanced digital employee experience

How can you spruce up your service desk experience?
  • Even service desks with a high degree of process maturity must contend with business priorities that change over time to sustain operational excellence.
  • Without the right leadership, commitment, and processes, improvements in service quality can be difficult to sustain.
  • Resistance to change from the business, end users, and service desk staff can create a major barrier to success.
Start improving your service desk today 

Info-Tech’s Continual Improvement Plan Template allows you to record key data and metrics as you progress through Info-Tech’s Build a Continual Improvement Plan for the Service Desk blueprint. The template includes the following sections:

  • Vision and strategy
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • CSIs, KPIs, and metrics
  • Action plan

Use the Continual Improvement Plan template as a master copy for your IT service desk continual improvement plan efforts and regularly refer to it to ensure your projects stay on track.

Both of Info-Tech’s Continual Improvement Plan template and Build a Continual Improvement Plan for the Service Desk blueprint are available for you by filling in your details here: